Three Steps To Scheduling A Neighborhood Clean Up Day

Posted on: 17 April 2017


Garage sales tend to be one of the events that pull the neighborhood together. Making a little extra money and getting rid of some unnecessary household items is a win-win for most families in the neighborhood. Yet another event that the neighborhood should consider having together is a neighborhood clean up day. In each neighborhood, there are families that get busy, older individuals with lawns that can use a little bit of work, and empty lots or public sidewalks that can tend to become dirty quickly. Here are three steps to organizing a neighborhood clean up day. 

Designate a full weekend 

For a big clean up, some people may need to work outside in the yard first, then get to work inside of their home. For this reason, a weekend or a long weekend is the best time to schedule a neighborhood cleanup. Be sure to send out flyers at least two weeks in advance so that everyone can prepare their schedules for the cleanup and be prepared to help with empty lots and public areas. 

Hire extra dumpsters

Depending on how much needs to be removed from homes and public areas, the regular trash cans won't do. Hire a few dumpsters and place them in the largest areas of the neighborhood. An empty lot a street enclave is the perfect place to sit dumpster so that every neighborhood resident can access them. Having dumpsters for the entire weekend will give everyone incentive to get rid of the large items that they no longer need. which can make the neighborhood look a little better. The dumpsters can be dropped off on a Friday and picked up first thing Monday morning before everyone heads off to work. 

Get a list of volunteers

The one place where everyone will need to pitch in is the common areas. Empty lots can attract a lot of trash and extra debris. The common areas of the neighborhood, including the sidewalks and any recreation activity spaces. Get a list of volunteers then spread everyone out into teams to clear out particular areas. Remember to include yard for work neighborhood seniors and those who are disabled. This will make sure that the entire neighborhood is clean and looks appealing. If anyone is interested in selling a home or if homebuyers are taking a look at empty lots, a cleanup with the whole neighborhood involved can make the case.

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