Don't Have Crappy, Unexpected Septic Problems: Take The Right Percautions

Posted on: 14 January 2016


A lot of people don't worry about how much waste is in a septic tank when they purchase a home, but it's something you want to know as soon as you take ownership. You want to know if you are close to the limit, before you end up with a sewer problem on the property.

The sewage professionals can come to your property to make the best assessment of what's going on with your septic system. Here are a few things to consider having done, so you know you won't have any immediate problems with the system throughout the property.

Inspection, Pumping, and Cleaning

The inspection, pumping, and cleaning is worth the cost for many reasons. You'll see if there are any damages to the foundation of the septic system or the structure, you'll know that you're starting with a fresh empty tank, and the cleaning prevents harmful bacteria from coming up the pipes back into the house. You can have this septic tank pumping performed by professionals, and the experts will let you know if your tank needs any other types of repairs or replacement.

Monitoring System Installed

Ask the septic professionals if you can have a septic monitoring system installed. There are alarm systems you can get that will notify you when the tank is too full, or when the tank is being flooded by water and is reaching a point where it may leak. This prevents you from having sewage around the yard, or from having sewage back up in your home.

Septic Friendly Products

After the septic tank has been maintained, you'll want to make sure that you use toilet paper that is designed for homes that have septic systems. Thick or double thick toilet paper can clog the pipes and fill the tank quickly. There are also products you can flush down the toilet to help dissolve some of the waste in the septic tank.

If the septic system is a problem and it's leaking into the ground around your house, this could be dangerous to inhale, it's contaminating the ground water, and you could face crimes and problems with your city or township. Don't sit around waiting until something happens to find out your septic tank is full. Instead, if the previous owner can't remember when it was last pumped, know that it should be done so every 3-5 years and the tank is probably past due for a cleaning.