Doing A Home Renovation? Ways To Repurpose The Leftovers

Posted on: 24 March 2015


While some leftovers from your home renovation can simply be thrown away, others you can repurpose, such as concrete blocks and ceramic tiles. To make things easier for you, rent a dumpster for the things you need to throw away, and keep the things you plan to repurpose in a separate pile. 

Renting a Dumpster Tips

A dumpster is very useful to have on your property during your renovation. When renting one, first think about how large you will need it to be. It may cost you more money to rent a larger dumpster. If you hired someone to renovate your home, talk to him or her about approximately how much waste there will be. Of course, they will not know exactly how much, but because they have done this before, they will have more of an idea of how much waste will accumulate.

Make sure there are no obstacles, such as hanging wires, in the way of the truck. Let the company know so they can determine if the truck can deliver the dumpster to you safely.

Repurposing Ceramic Tiles

If you are replacing your floor, and have some old ceramic tiles left over, you can repurpose them in many ways. Make sure you are careful when removing the tiles, however, or you could break them. One way you can repurpose them is to make some coasters.

Clean the tiles off, and then use a permanent marker or paint to put a drawing or message on each one. When you are finished, allow the tiles to sit overnight to dry. Once they are dry, go to the hardware store, and purchase some clear sealant to brush over the tiles to hold in the paint or marker. Let them completely dry, and then you have a coaster to either display, or set on the table for your drinking glasses.

Repurposing Concrete Blocks

If you have concrete blocks left over from your home renovation, you can use them as flower plants. Cover the bottom holes of the blocks with some landscaping cloth, which can be purchased at most garden centers. Cut the cloth a littler larger than the holes, put super glue around the edges, place it over the hole, and press down on the edges. Let them sit for a few minutes to dry.

Put the blocks where you want the flowers to be. Put enough garden soil to fill up the holes in a bowl, pour in approximately one cup of compost, and mix well. Put the dirt in the holes, and then plant the flowers. These blocks are easy to move around, so you can put them in several different places around your property.

Think of other ways you can repurpose the things you have left over from your renovation. You can also ask the dumpster rental company, one like Road Runner Waste Service Inc, if they recycle. If so, they will likely bring you more than one dumpster bin, where you can put recycled material in one, and throw things that cannot be recycled into the other.