How To Make Your Office Recycling More Efficient

Posted on: 14 March 2015


When you are busy meeting project deadlines, it can be difficult to also find time to reduce company waste. As a manager, you will need to set a good example and you will also need to find ways that your employees can recycle efficiently. Begin by helping your employees understand the benefits of recycling and how to recycle more efficiently.

Begin Recycling Yourself

Begin by implementing your own recycling practices. Your employees may feel less motivated to recycle unless they feel that you are also pulling your own weight when going green. Also, you will have a better sense of the challenges of recycling while also focusing on your responsibilities.

Teach Your Employees What To Recycle

Many employees do not recycle simply because they do not know what they can recycle. Consider holding a training seminar in which you not only train your employees on what to recycle, but also on how to prepare the recycled materials for the recycling bin. Also, you should consider bringing in a recycling specialist, but this isn't required.


The fundamental principles of reducing waste is to reduce, reuse and recycle. For businesses, the process of digitizing much of the workplace has made it easier for businesses to reduce by storing information as digital files instead of as paper files. Digital files are easier to use and can be better preserved than paper files.

Stop Using Disposables

There may also be ways to recycle that are not connected with your company's typical work. For example, when your employees have meals or get a drink, encourage them to bring their own reusable containers rather than having disposable ones. These can simply be taken home at the end of the day. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by simply not having disposable cups and plates in the first place.

Reuse Envelopes

You can reuse the envelopes that you've received from customers, vendors and other individuals who work with your business. However, you will want to make sure that you only use these letters for purposes where your company's image is not at risk. For example, you may choose to use an envelope when sending something to a different branch by mail.

Coordinate Recycling With Other Businesses

After your office has learned about commercial recycling, have a designated bin in which employees can place the recyclables. If you notice that the bin does not fill up frequently, especially if you have a small office, consider combining your recyclables with nearby small businesses. While it may seem more challenging to coordinate with another business, overtime, it will become second nature.